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Binding Agreement:

This document is a binding agreement between the Company (REPORTS PUBLISHER) and the user of the website https://www.reportspublisher.com/. By using the website and its services, the user certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age. The user also agrees to the terms of use as stated in this document, which may be revised at the sole discretion of the company. The user is requested to review these terms periodically before using the website.

Purchase and Licensing Agreement:

Company has put in place an agreement that outlines the terms of the purchase of any goods or services. When you place an order from the Company or Site, you agree to the Company’s Purchase and Licensing Agreement which can be found here. Company’s Purchase and Licensing Agreement is expressly incorporated into his Agreement by this reference, and its terms outline Company’s ordering policy, return policy and licensing of materials. Company’s Purchase and Licensing Agreement will be enforced at Company’s sole discretion.

Privacy Policy

The company is committed towards ensuring that privacy of the site users is secure and intact. With this, the company has drafted a detailed privacy policy for all website users.

Users are requested to read this policy carefully prior to browsing the website. The company reserves the right to modify or update this privacy policy, without prior notice, solely at the company’s discretion. Users are advised to periodically check the website for any changes.


“Intellectual Property Rights” are the sole property of REPORTS PUBLISHER which includes but is not limited to the following propriety rights: All copyrights, utility models, patents, service marks, trade-marks, database rights, design rights (whether registered or unregistered), proprietary information rights. You should acknowledge that you shall not obtain any Intellectual Property Rights relation to Product(s) or its (their) usage except for the license granted by REPORTS PUBLISHER to use the Product(s) as mentioned henceforth.


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Permitted Use, Limitations on Use

You may download and access the matter only as required to analyze the material on your web-browser for your personal use, keeping all copyright and other products on the material. You may print a solo copy of material for your use. You may not re-publish or issue any material or do something else with the material, which is not particularly permitted in this agreement. You agree to obey with all notices and necessities accompanying third party content.

Inappropriate Content

The user agrees not to upload, download or otherwise distribute from the company website or its affiliates the following information:

  1. Libelous, pornographic, defamatory, obscene, abusive, or threatening
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Governing Law

These Terms of Use shall be interpreted in accordance with and governed by the laws of the State of Maharashtra (India), exclusive of reference to their rules concerning conflicts of law. You agree to obey with all laws, regulations, obligations and restrictions, which apply to you. You hereby irretrievably consent to the restricted jurisdiction of the state or national courts in Maharashtra, India in all disputes occurring out of or related to the use of the Site or Service. If any term of this Agreement is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining portions shall not be affected.


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